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Product data sheets for "standard" RTP Company compounds are available through this website. Data sheets for other specialty compounds (ie: 99 X-numbered materials) are available upon request.

Please complete this web form to receive product documentation for any RTP Company products — also tell us how we can assist you with a materials solution.

If you have a specific question or request that can not be handled through this form, please use our e-mail address or call us, in North America toll-free 800-433-4787, elsewhere +1 507-454-6900.


RTP Company specialty compounds are identified using our nomenclature system (ie: RTP 199 X 123456). Please use this method to describe the product for which you are requesting a data sheet.
If you are unsure call for assistance, in North America toll-free 800-433-4787, elsewhere +1 507-454-6900.

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