Recorded Webinars


  • An Engineer's Guide to Specifying the Right Thermoplastic
    Have you ever asked yourself, "How do I select the correct thermoplastic for my application?" VP of Technology Steve Maki provides valuable insight into the thought process materials engineers use to answer this fundamental question. 52 minutes

  • High Performance Plastics for Pumps and Fluid Handling
    Learn about the capabilities of today's high performance engineered thermoplastic compounds for pumps and meters during a presentation by Dr. Joel Bell, International Technology Manager for RTP Company.


  • Hueforia 2019  
    Plan ahead with the latest trending colours for thermoplastic products, parts and components. RTP Company Colour Technical Support Specialist Jeremy Cramer introduces four all-new colour collections from Hueforia, which can be applied to a wide variety of thermoplastic compounds for optimal performance and aesthetics. 40 minutes

  • Special Effects - Unique Ideas for Plastic 
    Learn how special effect thermoplastic compounds can increase consumer appeal, provide beneficial features, and add visual impact to your plastic product! Join Shawn Bergsurd, North American Color Lab Manager as he presents special effect technologies that can be used to create the aesthetic appeal and functionality that your plastic products require. 40 minutes

  • Color Science 101 - Coloring Plastics
    Color inspires, energizes, and builds brand recognition! Join RTP Company color expert Anna Kreofsky, Research and Development Engineer, as she discusses the science of color and the importance of color in maximizing brand impact for packaging and product design. 40 minutes

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Resistance for Plastics
    Learn about the science behind UV resistance for thermoplastic compounds, including how they can benefit your application, and what to keep in mind during the design phase. 40 minutes

  • Hueforia 2018 - Colour That Moves You!
    Understand the latest trending colours and how they spark emotional connections with target audiences. Global Colour Business Manager Alexandra Davis reviews four all-new colour collections from Hueforia, featuring thermoplastic compounds that make your product look and perform well, even in the most critical applications. 40 minutes

Wear and Friction

  • Abrasion Resistant Compounds
    A webinar for design engineers who are interested in minimizing abrasion issues caused by unpredictable debris that often results in costly system failures. Learn about the latest abrasion resistant technology, now available in a wide selection of injection-moldable or extruded thermoplastic compounds! 40 minutes




  • Plastic Technology that Resists Damage Caused by Hospital Disinfectants
    Join Global Healthcare Manager Josh Blackmore and Product Development Engineer Jesse Dulek as they introduce a new plastic compound technology that maintains strength, integrity, and functionality, even after repeated exposure to harsh healthcare disinfectants. The new RTP 2000 HC series are ideal for medical device housings that are susceptible to cracking and catastrophic failure due to chemical attack by aggressive cleaners used in the healthcare industry. 60 minutes

Other RTP Company Webinars

Wear Resistant

Translated to Chinese

  • 耐磨改性复合材料

  • 查看录制的网络研讨会
    长纤复合材料 今天趁着这个机会学习如何利用长纤增强复

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  • 色彩学 101
    人类的感知颜色的眼睛和大脑传达一种情绪或消息至关重要。颜色激励, 激发, 建立品牌知名度! 加入RTP公司专家作为他们讨论科学的颜色和颜色的重要性在最大化品牌包装和产品设计的影响。学习如何定制和标准颜色的热塑性复合塑料和配色, 可以精确地匹配您最终用途的需求, 同时保证全球制造的一致性。这个研讨会可以使工程师,铸模,销售代表,购买者更好地了解颜色塑