Tensile Stress/Strain & Bi-Directional Design Data

Although single point physical property data is important and very useful for initial material selection, for some materials and applications, a more detailed analysis of mechanical behavior may be important.

  • The response of thermoplastic compounds to loading is complex and can be significantly non-linear in nature.
  • The change in response to loading in different temperature environments for some compounds may be valuable in the design of specific parts or applications.
  • Fiber reinforced materials are not isotropic, and can have significantly different material properties in the direction of flow than they have across flow.
Series Resin System
100 Polypropylene PP
200 Nylon 6/6 PA 6/6
200 A Nylon 6 PA 6
200 H Impact-Modified Nylon 6/6 PA 6/6
300 Polycarbonate PC
800 Acetal POM
1300 Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS
2200 Polyetheretherketone PEEK
4000 Polyphthalamide PPA
CAE Design

Structural FEA: For additional FEA data on these or other RTP Company compounds, or for more information on our CAE Design support services, please contact our CAE Design team.